Bill Constain

President and Owner


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As an independent financial advisor and an active member of the community, Bill Constain, President and Owner of Freedom Wealth Services, is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses attain peace of mind and financial freedom.

For years, he studied the characteristics of wealth accumulation vehicles and have come to the conclusion that there’s an underlying commonality with the individuals who are best positioned for financial success. All of these individuals have been educated on the financial principles of how to grow, protect, and transfer wealth.

The concept behind his planning is simple; educate and coach clients to maximize their current lifestyle while creating and passing on a legacy. This is accomplished by avoiding common financial mistakes and customizing financial and legacy strategies. In summary, Bill helps people find the money and create financial peace of mind.

Nicole Constain

Senior Vice President


Nicole Constain has over 20 years of experience as a respected medical director, registered nurse, and executive. Nicole specializes in helping clients get started with our Financial Blue Print Strategies. Nicole has impacted thousands of people on their journey towards better health and financial freedom with coaching and support.

Daniel Nicolaescu

Junior Partner / VP


Daniel Nicolaescu, RFC® began his finance career as the VP of a private hedge fund in Orlando, FL. After helping many families, businesses and individuals, Daniel realized that everyone wanted to create some type of legacy for themselves and their families. This promoted Daniel to join the insurance industry and help people make that dream come true.

Suzanne Juan

Vice President


As a wealth strategist for Freedom Wealth Services, you’ll find her working with individuals looking to secure their financial future and retain their lifestyle through the various milestones life brings such as marriage, starting a family, college planning, and retirement, as well as leaving a legacy for loved ones.

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Personal Wealth Coach

For the last 10 years, Kevin has coached over 3,000 financial professionals on how to implement proven wealth strategies for their clients. He’s developed close to 2,500 strategies for individuals and families with a focus on increasing their personal wealth. And over $100.3 million dollars have been put into those accounts.


Personal Wealth Coach

Jordan has been in the financial industry for over 10 years and has coached over 2,000 financial professionals nationwide on proven wealth strategies. He currently serves as a personal consultant for four of the top financial advisors in the entire country; advising them on what strategies need to be implemented that are in the best interest of their clients. Over $90 million have been put into these wealth accounts.


Advanced Markets Strategist

Working with over 1,500 financial advisors, Brian develops and recommends financial strategies that are in the best interest of their clients. With a specialty in advanced markets and wealth-building, he analyzes the needs and goals of individuals and families and provides easy-to-understand, vibrant illustrations of where they currently are versus where they can be if implemented correctly.